I am running as a Democrat for state representative because I’m on a mission to offer a new kind of leadership for this districtBeacon Hill often feels a million miles away. It shouldn’t. It’s time for a new conversation: the State House is where the will of the people is made into law, and I have the energy, the ideas, the experience and the determination to forge that partnership with all who live here. I bring relevant skills and strong convictions about the way a healthy society answers questions about how we live and work together.

As your representative I will:

* Respond to your needs

* Lead on issues that impact our lives

I believe that a leader does not have to provide all of the answers, but must be able to ask good questions and create an environment that allows answers to emerge.

I will advocate every day for our health, schools and businesses. I will protect the marshes, rivers, beaches and open spaces that are the backdrop of our recreational lives and the pulse of our economy. I will work tirelessly on behalf of our district from classrooms to clam flats, because a thriving future for all of us in every city, town, and neighborhood STARTS HERE and STARTS NOW.

The Gustavson family roots in Ipswich date back to 1918, and Allison and Mark have chosen to raise their two children on the North Shore.  After ten years of managing a commercial, industrial multi-use office building in Peabody, Allison founded Essex County #6 Indivisible, a new and vigorous forum for concerned local citizens devoted to taking concrete action towards the revitalization of civic participation and democracy itself.



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