I am running as a Democrat for state representative because I’m on a mission to offer a new kind of leadership for this district. Beacon Hill often feels a million miles away. It shouldn’t. It’s time for a new conversation: the State House is where the will of the people is made into law, and I have the energy, the ideas, the experience and the determination to forge that partnership with all who live here. I bring relevant skills and strong convictions about the way a healthy society answers questions about how we live and work together.

As your representative I will:

* Respond to your needs

* Lead on issues that impact our lives

I believe that a leader does not have to provide all of the answers, but must be able to ask good questions and create an environment that allows answers to emerge.

I will advocate every day for our health, schools and businesses. I will protect the marshes, rivers, beaches and open spaces that are the backdrop of our recreational lives and the pulse of our economy. I will work tirelessly on behalf of our district from classrooms to clam flats, because a thriving future for all of us in every city, town, and neighborhood STARTS HERE and STARTS NOW.