Dear friends,

One of my favorite metaphors is that of the “life GPS”—in life, just as on the road, when you know where you are heading but somehow find yourself on a different exit than the one you’d originally intended, you a) end up finding a jewel of a diner that you’d never have otherwise discovered and b) get back in the car and allow the GPS to reroute you back to your destination by way of a modified path.

We should be so very proud of what we have accomplished together, and continue to create opportunities to ensure that the bonds between us continue to take root. They are there. This work was real. It was never only about outcomes and percentages—it’s about changing the way we engage with our community. We did that and we’re doing it still, and we will reroute ourselves to the most creative, most impactful way to continue do it.

The results of this election show that there is very clearly energy and hunger for this kind of work, which is certainly about what we do and where we go, but equally about how we get there.

As I held signs at the polls on election day, two different supporters of my opponent (in two different towns!) came up to me—signs in hand—to let me know what an outstanding campaign this has been and how much they respect the way we’ve conducted ourselves. They both sincerely expressed the hope that, should the outcome not go our way, we would keep at it.

We will. The GPS is just, for now, performing its suspenseful rotating-dial "rerouting" routine and we just have to be calm, turn up the radio, and give it a moment.

I cannot fathom a narrative in which I do not know, love and adore you all. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I suspect we are in chapter 2 (maybe 3) of a long, unfolding story. To be continued!" 

election night 1.jpg
election night 2.jpg